15  Nov

Extending the Rebuilding Efforts to November 30

The outpouring of support by neighbors to help rebuild small businesses affected by Sandy has been a moving thing to witness.   As business owners talk with us about the damage inflicted by waist deep floodwaters, the scope of the damage has been stunning.  But we are also stunned by the resiliency of the entrepreneurs we work with and the deep love and support they have in their communities.  

Rebuilding is a slow process.  The fallout will linger for months and efforts will continue quietly and persistently for even longer.  To make sure we do our part, we have extended the deadline for our offer for free crowdfunding services for businesses rebuilding from Sandy to November 30.  If you are a neighbor who wants to help a business in need or a business owner seeking to rebuild your business, send us a message at rebuild@smallknot.com and we’ll help you get started.