8  Nov

The Generosity of Neighbors

We should never be surprised by generosity of neighbors — but, thankfully, it still happens.

Recently, three women in Brooklyn and Manhattan stepped forward to run campaigns on behalf of neighborhood businesses that were damaged by heavy flooding.  

Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss) started a campaign on behalf of Galapagos Art Space, a cultural venue near the East River waterfront in Dumbo that was flooded by the storm. Setting a campaign goal of $2,500 to help cover some of the costs, Tina was able to mobilize over a hundred people and shoot past the goal in less than 24 hours. Locked up in our respective apartments throughout the storm, we could hardly believe the pace of the outpouring of support. 

But Tina’s reach didn’t end there…   

Responding to a tweet from Tina, Colleen Deng, one of the co-founders of OMG Foodie jumped in to start a campaign on behalf of One Girl Cookies — a charming bakery in Dumbo damaged when debris carried by flood waters smashed open a window and escaped with cakes and cupcakes that were strewn nearly 100 yards from the storefront — damaging every piece of equipment and every inch of the store.  With a goal of $2,500, Colleen will help the store make some of the repairs they need to get the bakers back to what they do best.  

That same day, we heard from Ally Kostick, a Manhattan resident who was shocked by the flooding along 14th street that spilled into Manhattan Kids Club II, a day care center on the south side of Stuy-Town.  The daycare and school suffered from 4 feet of flood waters pouring through the doors, destroying nearly everything.  

The space, a second home for her children, has to be dried out and repaired to return to normalcy.  A group of parents, led by Ally, built a campaign as a way to raise money to breathe life back into the space.  Within 2 hours of launching the campaign, they blew well past the goal.   

We are inspired by the tremendous displays of generosity by these enterprising neighbors and are hopeful that together with their communities, they can provide an early hand in getting these businesses get back on their feet. 

Seeing such kindness in action, we are opening up our platform to allow rebuilding campaigns not just for business owners, but to anyone who wants to lend a hand.  If you or a group of friends are interested in running a fundraising campaign on behalf of a business affected by Sandy, please send us an email at rebuild@smallknot.com.