30  Aug

Smallknot Invited to the White House!

On Wednesday, representatives of Smallknot, Etsy, Getaround, Airbnb and Zaarly were invited to the White House for an off-the-record discussion with the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation, an office of the Domestic Policy Council seeking bottom-up, innovative and results-oriented community solutions.  Without reservation, the experience was an honor.  

Each of us had the opportunity to explain our own visions of collaborative consumption / the peer economy / the sharing economy / [insert other moniker] and the broader implications on our businesses and the wider economic landscape.  The conversation was engaging, intelligent and brought together an inspiring collection of visions for building a stronger, more connected economy through innovation and re-imagination.  After learning more about each business, I left more convinced than ever that a massive shift is afoot — large institutions are increasingly being disrupted by platforms that simultaneously unleash and harness the assets and motivations of large groups of people.  

(On more substantive matters: I had the chicken (which was delicious), and noticed that even the sugar packets and pat of butter had the Presidential seal. We also got a copy of the White House menu with two boxes of the coveted White House M&Ms.  All in all, a resounding success.)