8  Jun

Kicking it off in Greenville, South Carolina!

Our first Greenville, South Carolina Smallknot campaign has kicked off with Cake Notice, a custom cake business run by a stunningly talented young entrepreneur, Molly Simons.  Take a look at what she’s offering in return — you won’t be disappointed! 

We kicked off our first day in Greenville with a cash mob in Downtown Greenville.  It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. 

Starting around six o’clock by the stairs near Falls Park, folks from all over Greenville began trickling in.  Little by little, the area grew into a group, then a gathering, then a full grown mob.  A Cash Mob.  Our Cash Mob was simple: A group of folks coming together to spend money at a local business and signal their desire to support a thriving local economy of small businesses.  Greenville has been undergoing tremendous growth over the past decade and amazing small businesses have been springing up all over.

At least 50 strong, people introduced themselves to total strangers, striking up conversations with new people and just enjoying themselves.  From teenagers to senior citizens, tech entrepreneurs to YMCA directors, and from Asian parents to talk radio hosts, a fantastic group had come together.

Some of us made very high-tech signs.

One of us looked very silly standing on a ledge, but did his best to give a quick little speech.

At 6:30, we announced the mystery merchant: Chocolate Moose on Main Street.  Although the owner, Kristin Kuhlke Cobb, couldn’t be there for the event, we chose the Chocolate Moose because 1) their products are fantastic, and 2) they give back to the Greenville community.  

And seriously, those were some fantastic cupcakes.  Unlike most cash mobs, ours was somehow orderly, with folks lining up single file and spilling out the door into the street.  Impressive. 

Afterwards, satiated with rich, delicious cupcakes and frosting, the mob headed over to Coffee Underground for drinks (hard and soft) and conversation.  All in all, an amazing event.  Thank you (so so) much to everyone who made this cash mob the success that it was and see you next time!